Slitting machine

Slitting machine: cuts and rolls copper plate longitudinally to fixed length and width to meet clients' requirements and facilitate packaging.

Continuous copper casting and rolling machine

Continuous copper casting and rolling machine: compresses raw material into the desired shape.

Continuous copper casting and rolling machine

6-stage cold rolling sheet mill: compresses copper plate to specified thickness.

Semi-finished copper

Semi-finished copper produced by smelting is ready to be processed by 8-stage cold rolling.


About Us

About Tong-HorngTong-Horng Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in April of 1973. Its facility is located in Xinshi District, Tainan City, occupying an area of over 16,500 m2. Tong-Horng has been a major domestic provider of copper and brass for over 40 years.

In order to provide better quality products, Tong-Horng has imported advanced techniques and equipment from Japan, Germany, and Austria. From smelting to finished product, the manufacturing process is fully automated and computer-controlled. With a production capacity of 3,000 metric tons/month, Tong Horng has a complete line of products that meet international quality standards. In addition to Taiwan, Tong-Horng's products are also relied upon by clients in China, Japan, and across Southeast Asia.



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